Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club Wealth Strategies #230

This will be the start of the series where I will share the lesson learn and key take away I get from reading Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club Wealth Strategies. I hope you enjoy this series and learned a lot from it, and apply all those learning to improve your financial life and life in general.

From Bo’s Brain:


  • Your business is all about your customers, not your critics.
  • If you want small success, follow what is expected. But if you want big success, you need to be disruptive. Show up in a way that no one has shown up before.
  • Disregard all criticism from people who are not your target audience except if they’re your regulators.
  • If your customers are criticizing you, listen to every word.
  • But if your non-customers are criticizing you, be polite and listen. But at the end of the day, do what your customers want.
  • Because success is all about focus.


Renelyn Tan-Castillejos’s TRC Story

  • Ren shared that she truly appreciates the TRC community because the people are business practitioners who support each other with a strong sense of faith and purpose.
  • She also enjoys the regular monthly face-to-face meetings during “Evenings with the Dean.”
  • She is grateful to TRC for exposing her to business people with a focus on both earning well and giving back.
  • When asked what were the top three gifts she got from TRC so far, Ren said, “Value of continued learning and application in business, faith in the goodness of humanity as leaders, and daily inspiration to reach for your dreams.”



That act of recalling your blessings and writing them down will make you feel so good, so loved, so blessed. God is so good.

Tip 2: GOLD

Write down your top lessons in 2017. This is very important. Walk down memory lane. Think how your 2017 unfolded. What went well? What needed to be improved? What were the greatest lessons you learned that you can bring to 2018?

Tip 3: GOALS

  • You can create two types of goals: Personal and Professional.
  • When you work on your financial goals, start with your WHY. Why do you want to succeed in your finances? Why do you want to get rich?
  • Your “why” will give you the drive to work on your financial goals.

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